Wednesday, April 26, 2017


It was very cold over night. Even Jasper decided that his early morning stroll should be cut short. The weather is due to warm up again for the rest of the week.

It was still a bit chilly when we started our football, but things soon warmed up as we got into the game. It was only 5-a-side today on the bigger pitches - so it was hard work. Indeed, by the end it was 5-v-4 as one of our team came over dizzy and had to leave the pitch. Despite this we managed to win 7-5, and the Gorse Fox was pleased to get on the score sheet.

The Gorse Fox got a call from Cousteau-cub while driving home. It was only a short chat, but it's always nice to hear from her. Hopefully we'll get time for a longer chat tomorrow.

Back home he headed off to B&Q and bought the wood for the floating shelves he has been planning.  (First thing, he also ordered a pocket-hole jig from At the nice man from the Amazon - that should arrive tomorrow). With the car loaded he dropped into Pizza Hut for their take-away lunchtime buffet. £5 saw deal that allowed the Gorse Fox to load up a box of salad from the salad bar, and select 4 slices of pizza. Seemed like a deal!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


The morning started cold but bright. It was only just above freezing, but the sun soon took charge and by the time the Gorse Fox started his football, it was really quite pleasant.

Today's games were fun but success was limited. Six games played, two wins, one draw and three losses. Despite that the Gorse Fox felt that he played well and certainly stopped a lot of certain goals. Checking his step count for the two hours he had exceeded his usual count by over a 1000 steps so must have been covering a lot of ground.

Back home the Silver Vixen was taking care of domestic stuff so that she's free for Pilates tomorrow and to babysit on Thursday. Meanwhile the Gorse Fox has been drawing on Sketchup and now has  the design for some floating shelves filed away. These will have to wait for a few days as the Gorse Fox keeps thinking of small refinements that can be made to improve the design. As usual, these might be considered over-engineered, but the GF believes that things should be built to last! (Note, we already have several IKEA floating shelves but the Gorse Fox thinks they are too flimsy and that they do not sit properly - they maybe simple, but the design is poor - which is unusual for IKEA; these will all be replaced).

Monday, April 24, 2017

So quiet

Another lovely start to the day, though it had clouded over by later in the day.

The Silver Vixen had an appointment at the local hospital so the Gorse Fox went along with her. We are always so impressed by the local cottage hospital. They seem to deal with most things other than A&E, but always seem to have time to provide the care that's needed and the staff all seem so incredibly friendly. The Consultant we saw was a charming man who reminded us of a neighbour we had when living back in Broom. Softly spoken, oozing charm and humour, yet still attentive and concerned with the patient. 10 out of 10 from us.

Leaving there we popped in to B&Q as the Gorse Fox wanted to check on some wood supplies for a small project he has in mind. With that sorted Costa beckoned for a late morning coffee.

Back home this afternoon, the Silver Vixen has had a long chat with Urban-Cub on the phone and the Gorse Fox has spent some time on the family tree. This was quite successful as he has managed to find some additional information for the Silver Vixen's cousin and that should help her with her family research. Additionally he has managed to find the Silver Vixen's 7th and 8th great grandparents on her maternal side.

Now that we have baby Ellie in the family, the Gorse Fox needs to start considering Pistol Pete's family and fold them into the tree. A complete new avenue of research is always fun!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

In the Pink

It was a bright and sunny start to Sunday.

The Gorse Fox had football so made his way across to meet up with "the lads". We split into two random teams and got under way. It was hard works as the other team was made up predominantly of strikers The Gorse Fox did his best in defence but we were 4-2 down by half time. The Gorse Fox did score one of the goals but it wasn't enough - by the end we had lost 7-3. It was a good run out and the Gorse Fox was quite pleased with the way he had played.

Back home the message came in from the Sonning Crew... should we meet up. It would have been churlish to refuse, so we all set off and headed down to the Pink Pub. We spent a couple of hours chatting and joking. Some drink may have been taken. It was a lovely way to spend Sunday lunchtime.

Back home we watched the Cup Semi-final and had a generally quiet afternoon and evening.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


It was a bright start, though the forecast is for a drop in temperatures over the next few days. The Silver Vixen took the Jasper shift this morning so the Gorse Fox had a lie-in until eight... most refreshing.

The Gorse Fox spent the morning on a major conversion. He was converting what had been his workshop for the past few weeks, back into a garage for his car. It took a few hours and several trips to the local tip. The local tip had clearly become  the place to be. The Gorse Fox was queued back onto the dual carriageway trying to gain access. Never mind, he didn't have to wait too long and once the car was empty it was clear that progress was really being made.

As planned, the temporary work bench stacked up against the wall and much of the other accumulated detritus from the garage found its way into the second car load for the tip. The car, emptied, has now been vacuumed and put away.

Feeling rather smug; though perfectly aware it will all have to be converted back when he starts on the next project.

Friday, April 21, 2017


The Silver Vixen wants a corner unit for the living room. This needs to nestle in the corner behind the TV and fit it with the rest of the furniture. We have asked in places such as Oak Furnitureland, but have found nothing that fits the bill.

The Gorse Fox fired up Sketchup and started his design with a list of what features are required and what would be nice. Then the drawing started... and stalled, and restarted, and stalled. The basic outline and dimensions of the finished unit are easy enough, but much of the construction is dependent on the widths of the wood, and the depths of the shelves.

The Gorse Fox started researching suppliers of (solid) light oak boards. This took longer than expected, and when the prices became clear, it also became imperative that the design was spot-on. There was no room for mistakes when the underlying fabric is so expensive. Having found potential suppliers of the boards, the Gorse Fox then spent some time researching the best wood glue for edge-joining boards to create the full width of the unit.

There is further research needed, namely a supplier of suitable glass for the shelves, and a suitable source for some internal lighting.

He will then ready to return to drawing the construction plans.

What more photos?

The Gorse Fox has just found another crate of photos tucked in the corner beneath his desk. Looking at the contents, these have not yet been scanned! Clearly he still has thousands of photos to scan and file.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Domestic God

The Gorse Fox is clearly a domestic god.

Eschewing the early morning TV (at least until after the election) he got started earlier. First there was some ironing to wade through, then as he was about to start on the week's accounts, Ocado turned up with the shopping.

Shopping packed away, the Gorse Fox downloaded all the previous week's transactions ready to do the accounts... but the Silver Vixen wanted to hit Chichester for some pet food, some cat litter, and some new bedding. We pottered in and sorted out the cat's stuff before wandering in to John Lewis for the bedding. Once sorted, we each had a voucher for coffee and a cake, so made our way to the restaurant before wandering off to browse.

On the way home we stopped at the Pet Food Warehouse. We looked for the recommended cat food and found something we thought might match the vet's suggestion. We decided to ask advice at the counter and were lucky to find a woman hovering nearby who happened to be a rep for the company. She was able to answer our questions and to give us some good clear advice. Serendipitous, eh?

Finally back home, the Gorse Fox has now completed the accounts. Normality has resumed.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


It was a cold but bright start to the day. Barely a cloud littered the sky - though some hight cloud formed by late afternoon. The Gorse Fox started the day in a clumsy frame of mind. Clumsiness is one of his pet hates - and particularly when it his own. He managed to drop the glass cover for his big sauté pan, while cooking breakfast. It hit the floor and though the toughened glass survived, the handle was broken. This seems like a job for some superglue... or failing that, a replacement lid. Doh!

Football was on the agenda. As usual we all met up at Worthing and formed into the oranges or the yellows. This week saw the Gorse Fox playing for the oranges. Cruncher John was back for a few days - if the Gorse Fox had known, he might have worn body armour. As it was, it was another player that got crunched this week and had to sit out the last 10 minutes or so, nursing a bruised rib. Overall, and despite Cruncher, it was enjoyable as usual, and though we lost 3-1, the Gorse Fox feels that he played particularly well, so isn't too disappointed.

Back home the Silver Vixen was getting ready to go out with her Pilates group for afternoon tea. They are celebrating the 60th birthday of their instructor. The Gorse Fox isn't sure whether Worthing is quite ready for this... but he did see some police riot vans heading that way along the A259.

Meanwhile the Gorse Fox did a bit of shopping then spent the afternoon listening to music. One of the pleasures of Amazon Music (like Spotify or Deezer) is the availability of a wide selection of playlists across all genres and featuring music that you may not otherwise have heard.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

That's a Turn Up

Tuesday after a Bank Holiday saw a surprisingly good turn out at football. The Gorse Fox was expecting some to cry-off with sore heads having celebrated Brighton & Hove Albion's promotion to the Premiership. Yet no, all the usual crew were there and we had three games followed by a change or personnel and then three further games. The first hour saw the Gorse Fox (in Red this week) draw two games and win one. It was nice to play at the back with another experienced defender and we almost managed a complete shut out. In the second hour, again playing in red, we weren't so good. Two of the five players in the team were not very mobile and not very able on the ball. We lost all three of those games, but the Gorse Fox can at least console himself that he scored a lovely goal in the last game.

Back in the car he heard that the PM had called for a General Election. This was a surprise, but will no doubt trigger eight weeks of vitriol, bile, and intolerance as all and sundry decide to engage in "reasoned debate" by insulting each other and each other's followers. The Gorse Fox suspects he will have to stop watching TV News coverage until its all over (for the sake of his sanity).

Monday, April 17, 2017


The Gorse Fox had a considerable amount of wood left over when he built the deck. It has been stacked by the garage for the past 18 months. Pistol Pete, meanwhile, is in need of some wood to brace (or rebuild) his shed. Now that they have the bigger car, it seemed like a good opportunity for the Gorse Fox's surplus to become Pistol Pete's timber trove.

So it was that Pistol Pete and Urban Cub came to visit with baby Ellie. Ellie was duly paraded round to see Tinkerbell and Two Hats, while Pistol Pete and the Gorse Fox cut the wood to manageable lengths and loaded his car. It didn't take too long, but the Gorse Fox was pleased he had recharged the batteries for the circular saw the other day.

We also took the opportunity to carry the desk tidy up to the Gorse Fox's study.

He must say, he's rather pleased with the finished result and will, no doubt, load the various cubby holes in the next few days. You'd think it was designed to fit!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Out and About

We popped across to see Urban-Cub and Pistol Pete. It was a lovely day, though there was a nip in the breeze. After Elli had been fed, we headed down to the front in LA.

There were plenty of people about, making the most of the long weekend and strolling in the sunshine.

We had parked near the iconic cafe to the east end of the promenade and walked towards the mouth of the River Arun and in towards town.

Some hardy individuals were actually playing in the sea. With the chilly wind, that took some real nerve... though the Gorse Fox suspects he would have done it when he was a young boy.

The funfair was busy and the tinkle of children's laughter and screams as they plunged down the log flume filled the air.

Turning up the side of the River, we headed towards town and admired the boats moored along the river banks. One huge cruiser was in a dreadful state of repair - it was such a shame as it  had clearly been a significant vessel in the past... and was, no doubt, costing a lot to keep moored in a prime spot on the river.

We stopped at the 'Look and Sea Centre'. It was time for a hot drink and a slice of cake. We found a sheltered corner out on the patio and sat and watched the world go by.

Eventually, we stirred and made our way back to the car. Ellie had woken by this point and was clearly ready for another feed. Fortunately, it only took a few minutes to get back to the house and settle her down. Whilst Pistol Pete and the Gorse Fox watched the Sunday afternoon football, Urban-Cub and the Silver Vixen prepared a fine roast dinner.

A perfect day, again.

Mr Shifter

The Gorse Fox has just ventured in to the garage to move the finished desk tidy indoors and up to the study. This is when he realised he can't lift it. He will have to wait until he can get some help as it is too large (though not excessively heavy) to be lifted by a single person.


Happy Easter

Liturgically, Easter is a time of renewal and, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the first major holiday of Spring. At this time of geo-political tension, of division, and of so much hatred - the Gorse Fox extends his wishes and prayers for all; he wishes you contentment, understanding, patience and tolerance.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Getting on with things

The last couple of DIY projects have interrupted the Gorse Fox's normal schedule. Knowing today would involve some long waits whilst paint was drying the Gorse Fox resolved to catch up on some admin.

First on the agenda was to get the first top coat on the desk tidy. This didn't go very smoothly as the sprayer seemed to splatter whenever he started it up. This would all require sanding back once dry and then re-coating.

Back indoors, whilst waiting for the paint to dry, the Gorse Fox got stuck in to the last few weeks accounts. Clearly there has been a change to the Money Dashboard aggregator that he uses and this meant that he had some fiddling about to do before everything was correctly accounted for. Once downloaded and cross-referenced in the spreadsheet, the Gorse Fox could start work on the small pile of documents that, whilst dealt with, had not been scanned and filed yet. Once that was done, and the backups triggered, the shredder could go into overdrive and dispose of all the paper.

The Silver Vixen spent the morning Spring cleaning the Orangery - which is now looking spic and span. We had a light lunch then the Gorse Fox headed out to the garage. The splattered paint spots were sanded back and the sprayer test fired to clear any blobs... and then the final coat was applied to the desk tidy.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Nearly Done

That's another little project nearly done.

The desk tidy is assembled and the Gorse Fox has made up some edging strips to cover the raw ends of the MDF carcase. Edging has been cut and attached, sanded, filled, re-sanded, and primed.

There's nothing else the Gorse Fox can do today - he must wait for everything to dry before putting on the finishing coat(s).

(He would point out that this photo is taken from the side that will be hidden and flush to the wall).

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Old Designs

The Gorse Fox decided to make the most of the fact the garage was empty and his tools were easily available.

A couple of years ago he designed what he called a "desk tidy". It isn't really for the desk though. This unit is designed to sit on a feature in the corner of the study that squares off the diagonal that would be caused by the staircase below. The unit is designed to contain a number of cubby-holes that are designed to house "Really Useful Boxes".

The wood was purchased a couple of years ago and was even had a coat of primer applied. All the Gorse Fox had to do was mark up the various cuts and the rebates and get started. It was fairly easy and with glue and the nailer was soon prepared and assembled. A coat of undercoat was applied with the spray-gun and then the Gorse Fox cleared up and left it all to dry overnight. Very satisfactory.

Meanwhile, the Silver Vixen has been filling up the new cabinet in the family room.

The Gorse Fox isn't quite sure what has come over him!