Thursday, March 23, 2017


The Gorse Fox tends to do his admin on Thursday mornings. This morning he detected an unknown transaction in one bank account. Someone had deposited a small amount of money into our account... thirty-odd quid - not a lot, but unexpected. Frustratingly he can find no further details of its origin and why it has hit the account. Now, do not misunderstand - if people wish to deposit funds into our accounts, we are just fine with that - but please help by identifying why it was deposited and by whom.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


News is breaking of a dreadful incident at Westminster today. It appears that an SUV has ploughed into a number of pedestrians crossing Westminster Bridge, and then smashed into the gates of Parliament. An attacker has then knifed a police officer and been shot dead.

This is not the sort of thing that the Gorse Fox would normally comment on, but in these troubled and divisive times he feels it important to stress his admiration and support for the police officers who protect us and our democracy. When everyone else runs for cover they run to confront the threat. God Bless Them and their families.


The artwork that arrived on Sunday needed to be mounted. The question was how? Being a triptych, all three units need to be equidistant, central to the wall and exactly the same height. The height might have been a challenge - each had strings from which to hang, but the tensions were different and they were fixed at slightly different relative positions on the frames. The Gorse Fox concluded that a variation of the French cleat was required.

A 2.4m baton was marked up with the relative position of the paintings and levelled, and fixed to the wall. It was then removed and cut to size such that each part fitted invisibly behind the painting.

A "lip" was fixed to each baton and they were screwed back onto the wall - in the knowledge that they were all exactly lined up, and perfectly horizontal.
A "lip" was then attached to the back of each of the frames. Then each painting was just lifted into place and dropped down so that the lips locked. Voila - paintings hung.

The Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen are very pleased with the outcome.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Up for the Cup

The Silver Vixen's plans changed - she had been due to go to a workshop, but the leader was unwell so the event was cancelled. Instead, Silver Vixen headed off to meet with her usual coven for a day of spells and comparing their broomsticks.

The Gorse Fox had a football tournament against a local team. We were short of players, so were limited to two teams of 5-a-side whilst they were able to field three teams with substitutes. We had beaten them before but they were out for revenge. It was going to be a hard set of games. Arun Amblers did well - our yellow team lost their first game, but then drew the other two games. The Amblers orange team won all three of their games 4-1, 4-2, and 2-1. The Gorse Fox was pleased to have scored 4 of these goals - though it had been fairly intense.

At the end we showered and all met for tea and biscuits and Amblers were present with the  huge "Allstars Amblers Cup", shown in the picture to the left.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Old Friends - again

Today, the Gorse Fox met up with an old friend. We had been at college doing our A-levels last time we met. When we were there (46 years ago) we had been close friends and shared most of our lectures, most of our secrets, most of our concerts, and most of our pub crawls. They were interesting times! We had also played in the same football teams (and even had a trophy for our 5-a-side team's success).

We met up at the RHS gardens at Wisley. The weather was wet and windy, so we spent most of the time in the conservatory, the coffee shop, or the restaurant with only an occasional sortie into the grounds. That didn't really matter - the primary reason was to catch up on old times and old friends.

It was great fun and made the Gorse Fox realise how lucky he had been with his choices over the years. He had maintained full employment from the day he left college until the day he retired - with no breaks. His old friend had spent five more years getting his degree, his Masters, and his PhD, but had ended up swapping from job to job and spending several periods where he was unemployed. He is, however, moderately fit and healthy - and has a happy and stable family. It was fun catching up... and we have resolved to meet up again.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Sunday started with its usual football match. We managed to get 5-a-side and the Gorse Fox was playing in yellow. The game started slowly and by half time we were 4-2 down to the oranges. In the second half we started to claw things back and the game finished off 6-6. All was square and it had been a good game.

Back home the Silver Vixen was preparing lunch as Urban-Cub and Pistol Pete were due to join us. She has about a week to run and is finding the pregnancy increasingly uncomfortable. She's about the size of airship - let's just hope it's not all gas!

Mid afternoon, Annabelle arrived from the Galleries in Chichester. She had brought the triptych with her so that we could see it in situ. It didn't take more than a few nanoseconds to decide that it looked just right and we went ahead and completed the purchase. The Gorse Fox just has to hang it now, but that will have to wait for today.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Run at It

After a leisurely start the Gorse Fox managed to take a bit of a run at it. He headed out to the garage and continued to work on the cabinet. The second side was glued and pinned, the face frame attached, and the top was installed, glued and pinned. The unit is finally coming together. A quick trip to B&Q saw the acquisition of some mouldings and strip wood with which to edge the frame. Some careful cutting, a little glue and more pins - that was soon done. The drawer runners are installed and the rabbets that will allow the drawers to slide are cut.

There is still a fair way to go - drawer fronts, doors, and plinth mouldings - but progress is satisfactory.

The Silver Vixen's cousin, Rick Wakeman, his wife and mother, are due to visit this afternoon, so the Gorse Fox has stopped for now and cleaned himself up.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Pfffft - again

The day started early. Jasper was roaming around on the bed by 6 am. This was not popular and by 06:15 the Gorse Fox had reached a level of consciousness that demanded he got up. He consoled himself with the though that at least he didn't have to catch a train or drive to some remote office somewhere.

Coffee was taken.

More coffee and breakfast was taken.

Once the hour had become sensible, the Gorse Fox headed out into the garage. An idea had formed. As the garage has to house the car (most of the time) he doesn't have room for a workbench. When working in the garage - the car sits in the driveway and the Gorse Fox relies on an old Black & Decker Workmate and a couple of saw horse trestles. That's it. Now, it dawned on him that he still has some spare decking boards... and carefully measured they could be formed into a worktop which could sit on the trestles. The measuring tape selected the right lengths, the circular saw removed the excess and the new nailer fired nails into the boards that had been selected to brace the worktop. In no time this idea had been turned into a credible (if slightly uneven) workbench. The Gorse Fox will probably finish this off with some hardboard to give it a smooth surface - but it's serviceable even now.

The new workbench was used immediately as the Gorse Fox started the assembly of the kitchen cabinet he's been working on. Shelves were glued into the left hand side and nailed with the nailer. Everything was squared up and clamped and held in place with a temporary back board. Now the Gorse Fox will wait until tomorrow - when the glue will have cured - before mounting the right hand side and the top.

After lunch there was a brief trip into Chichester for some shopping. The wind had changed by the time we left and it was getting a bit chilly - as forecast. The Gorse Fox has prepared a nice, comforting stew for this evening. It seems appropriate to counter the change in the weather.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Old Friends

The Gorse Fox had a chance to set up his new compressed air nailer and try it out. He's very impressed with the power and performance. He's less impressed, however, with the batch of 5000 nails he ordered separately - they are (apparently) the right spec - 35mm, 18 gauge, F-type collated nails - but they don't actually fit the nailer. Drat! The Gorse Fox went along to screw fix with the nailer in hand. He asked the operative for several sizes of nails and tried each of them in the gun. These all fitted... so he paid his money and walked away clutching the boxes of refills.

At lunchtime we headed off to Bosham. Old friends were in the area. Cathy used to work at Starfleet with the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox and we only get to see her and husband Roy every now and again. We strolled along the quay and enjoyed catching up with the latest news as we approached Anchor Bleu. Cathy has been retired now for a couple of years and is thoroughly enjoying it, and Roy has recently retired also.

We wandered in to Anchor Bleu. We had eaten there before and were happy to find a spare table and settle done for lunch.  The Gorse Fox chose the fish and chips, the Silver Vixen had scampi. As before, the food was superb. Simple, but excellent.

Time whizzed by, and before we knew it it was time to return to the cars. By this time the whole quay was well under water as the tide had come in. Bosham Quay is famous for people parking on the quay, and then returning to find their car under water. We weren't so stupid, having parked in the proper car park - well clear of the waters.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


The process of switching energy supplier is now reaching its conclusion - the Gorse Fox has today been asked for a set of meter readings from the new supplier. These will be used as closing reading for the old provider and opening readings for the new (according to a letter received last week).

Beautiful weather today. Wall to wall blue sky and temperatures about 16C. It felt a lot warmer than that in the sun, playing football. We had a good game today with 6 vs 7... and the odd player switching sides at half time. The Gorse Fox played in yellow, and at half time we were 1-0 up... but then lost the extra man. As the second half began, the oranges scored to even things up. But, as they say, it's not over until the fat lady sings. After some fairly intense defending yellow-Keith received the ball on the right wing. The Gorse Fox broke through the middle to give him a target for a cross. The ball came over, the Gorse Fox shot and it was parried by the 'keeper. The Gorse Fox was first to the rebound and curled the ball round and into the goal. Final score remained 2-1, and the Gorse Fox was pleased with his performance.

Back home a box of spare 35mm collated nails has arrived and also some dowel centre points. The gorse Fox is eager to get back out into the garage.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Prodigal returns

There was football this morning. Krakatoa Jack has served his sentence and was back in the fold today. It was a little tense at first but the Gorse Fox had a quiet word with KJ and another with Ref the Argonaut and in the end they kissed and made up. The football itself wasn't't too special - six games where the Gorse Fox payed adequately but not well. Despite this we won 4 games and lost only two.

Back home we awaited delivery of the compressed air nailer, which turned up mid-afternoon, and the man to retrofit a part on the gas fire, who turned up late in the afternoon. The nailer looks like a nice bit of kit, but will have to wait for the Gorse Fox to have time to set it up and try it out. That's likely to be Friday. As for the gas fire - that took the fitter about 10 minutes to retrofit the part, test it, take photos, clean up and leave.

Meeting of Arun Amblers, to discuss the new Walking Football rules from the FA, is scheduled for this evening. At least it's at the football arena rather than the rather grotty club where we usually hold such events.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Plan B

Well 'Plan A' had us heading across to Salisbury to have lunch with Mrs Tiggywinkle and Badger. Unfortunately, Mrs Tiggywinkle phoned to say she wasn't well so we have agreed to postpone for now.

We came up with 'Plan B'. As we were going to have gone out for lunch - why not do it anyway? So it was that we pottered in to Chichester and had a wander around - then reviewed menus of various eateries until we came to The Chantry in South Street. Urban-Cub had recommended it in the past, so we thought we'd give it a try. It was a fairly typical diner-style menu - lots of burgers, a few steaks, some pies, some pizzas, some grills and so forth. Not exactly 'fine dining' but certainly plenty to choose from - and something for everyone. We had a light lunch of southern fried chicken in a ciabatta with salad, some sweet potato fries, and a coffee. Good quality grub, nice staff, and very good value for money. Certainly worth a return trip.

On a separate note - the Council Tax bill has arrived for the upcoming year. The Gorse Fox was pleased to see that it hasn't gone up by very much - in fact by far less than he had budgeted. These things tend to be swings and roundabouts, though. He's in the middle of changing energy suppliers - which should save about £10 per month compared with last year (though that bill was about to increase)... and as he put that in motion, he got a new estimate for the management of waste water(**) - and that has eaten up virtually all those savings.

(**) We get our water supply from Portsmouth Water, but our waste water is handled by Southern Water.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

And that's four

The Gorse Fox had his usual Sunday morning football. It was much better this week with a simple, uncrowded 5-a-side. The sides looked moderately well balanced to start with, but as the game progressed it was clear that the "yellows" were beginning to walk away with it. Fortunately, the Gorse Fox was playing in yellow and anchoring the defence. Despite his defensive role, he still managed to score 4 goals - 2 with each foot. Very satisfying but, in the end, one-sided with a final score of 16-3.


The Gorse Fox has succumbed to a long held desire.

He's just ordered a (compressed air) nail gun.

Reviewing what he has to do, he has determined such a tool will make the assembly so much easier. Why not use a hammer you may ask...? The issue is that when trying to hold something square and pin it with a hammer and nail, the hammer continually disturbs (tries to dislodge) the components (and its a two-handed operation). A nail gun, however, fires a nail in a single explosive shot, without dislodging anything.

There are some very expensive options available. The Gorse Fox went for an entry-level device and compressor as it's a tool that will only be used occasionally.

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Drawers are now assembled. Again the Gorse Fox has to wait until the glue sets up before routing the slots for the runners. (You might have assumed that would be done before assembly, but the Gorse Fox is trying to mimic the exact construction of the existing dresser, and that means the slots need to be done after construction).

That's all for today. The Gorse Fox is trying to take his time to ensure that the finished article is A-ok.


The Gorse Fox seems to remember the words of the great philosopher, Huey Lewis, "It's hip to be square". So it was that this morning was been spent trying to get the carcase to come together properly. At one stage the back was square - 110mm on each diagonal - but the front was way out and the top didn't fit.

The back was removed and carcase disassembled. Now it's been re-assembled and the front is perfectly square - and this time, the top fits perfectly. However, this is all dry-fit - no glue nor mechanical fixings - just friction and clamps. The Gorse Fox now has to decide how to move forward without messing it up.

It's clear he's really out of practise.

Friday, March 10, 2017


The blessed Norm Abram* (Praise be Upon Him) often says that you can't have too many clamps. The Gorse Fox, despite his huge collection, has just run out of clamps. He has had to stop until the glue sets up on various components. Only then can he free up clamps to start carcase assembly.

*If you have never seen The New Yankee Workshop and have any interest in carpentry then you are missing a treat. Track it down and watch every episode. You will learn from a master.


Progress is a lot slower today. The Gorse Fox needs to think about the sequence very carefully. The last thing he would want is to have to undo something because he has the build sequence wrong. The other problem at the moment is ensuring the carcase is square as it gets assembled...